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What is VisualJS.NET

C# and VB.NET for Web and Mobile using Windows Forms style development


VisualJS.NET is an advanced user interface and rapid application development library that allows you to design and develop rich, scalable, enterprise-level web applications that can be accessed from practically any device that features browser support. Stick with C# and VB.NET,  target all. Here's the story;

Let's assume that you have a project that requires you to develop a multitude of various UI-rich forms, routines and application components. You'll have to quickly locate the best JavaScript UI library and begin designing the user interface. Then, you'll realize that you may need to find an additional library or use another version of the same JS library in order to target mobile devices. Then again, you'll also need to develop client-server communication routines before finally starting development of the application. Although the order of these events may vary, this list tends to haunt most projects throughout their development lifecycle.

VisualJS.NET saves you from all of these concerns. Simply drag-and-drop to create the user interface for your applications and start coding instantly: there's no need to worry about browser compatibility, mobile/desktop differences, or server-client communications. Imagine how quickly you could produce your applications without the hassle!

Check out the following video in order to see some basic uses for VisualJS.NET:

One size fits all?

Of course not! That's why we've included comprehensive built-in support for custom UI components. Although we have implement a variety of the standard components that your projects may require, we also recognize that that there is no way to feasibly create a set of components for each and every circumstance. So instead, we've made our control system extensible to suit your varying needs: you can create custom UI controls - just as you would create your own components - via JavaScript or the UI interface of Windows Forms!


The source code for four of our custom control designs/samples can be found in the 'AddIn' folder of the VisualJS.NET package.


From developers to developers.

Hope you like it!

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